What Makes A Good Relationship?

  No matter how old we get, we basically all want the same thing when it comes to relationships. Who doesn’t like someone who is considerate, kind, sensitive, emotionally stable and supportive? If you throw in romantic, affectionate, funny, attractive, healthy and intelligent, you have it made! Realistically, however, our relationships are a combination of all these things. You […]

11 Things The Dating Single Parent Must Think About

  Dating in today’s world is quite a difficult task. Throw in being a single parent and you have turned a difficult task into a complex journey. There are many things to consider when you are a single parent and decide to date. Below you will find 11 things to ask yourself to lessen the stress and frustration […]

The Baby Boomer Dating Scene

  If you are 45+, divorced or widowed, with teens or young adult children and wondering how you’re going to get “out there” again, please don’t give up! There are important strategies to dating and while things are a lot different than when you were a teenager, with a little guidance, your experience can be very positive and […]

Why Being a Giver is Overrated

Allowing yourself to receive may sound like a very easy thing to do, though for a great many it is extremely difficult. The type of “receiving” I’m talking about is the “let others do for you” kind that just seems to go against the nature of most caregivers and healers. While others may not feel worthy of good things […]