After two separations in only seven years of marriage what was supposed to be the best relationship of my life was unraveling before my eyes. Seeking council from my Pastor to my Therapist from books and even fortune cookies, I agonized every day over what to do. There were so many negative emotions.

-Was there any possible way to revive a relationship that was dead?

-How do you compensate for the brokenness and emptiness the children will feel?

-Would there ever be a time when feeling like a failure would go away?

-When would the feeling of anger stop?

-What would others think?


Clearly seeing my broken relationship was destroying me from the inside out and the destruction was being reflected in my children I came to a realization. I couldn’t continue holding myself solely responsible for the breakdown of my marriage. It took two people to enter the union and it would take two people to re-commit to the union and make it work which my partner was unwilling to do.

After my divorce I knew that building back my self-esteem and self worth to be a proper parent to my two beautiful girls was priority number one. Raising them to be strong woman with a good example of what a successful romantic relationship is was going to take time and guidance.

With the idea that the heartache and pain of divorce can be avoided for others I started out helping couples thinking if they just knew how to navigate their needs, wants and requirements in a relationship their unions would be more successful. But then I asked myself, “What if I took it a step further and helped singles create the relationships they truly desired way before they made that lifelong commitment?”

Knowing all too well those feelings of being defeated in love, my passion since 2008 has been working with singles to understand their needs, wants and requirements in a relationship before they made that lifelong commitment. As The Dating Mechanic I give singles the tools to date for success through classes, workshops, multi-day conferences and so much more!

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