We prepare singles to meet the best potential mates, empower premarital couples to choose partners who meet their requirements and inspire couples to keep their love alive by giving them the tools to build and sustain healthy relationships.

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Dating Mechanics University provides courses assisting you in finding the relationship that is right for you. Courses teach you how to develop and nurture relationships. Instruction ranges from creating an online profile to reviving a stagnant relationship.  Available 24/7 courses are completed at your convenience.

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Interactive Online Community

Forums are open to all students to discuss coursework as well as get feedback from course instructors who are available to answer questions about content and engage in discussions surrounding course concepts. 

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Qualified Instructors

Experienced in their specialty, coaches and mentors have been trained to use their skills to educate and empower singles and couples to have satisfying relationships that last. 

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About Dating Mechanics University

Dating Mechanics University is an online learning community improving your knowledge of personal relationships.

We are dedicated to giving you the tools to develop and sustain healthy relationships. Our programs prepare individuals for fulfilling and satisfying unions.

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  • Access courses through any computer or mobile device
  • Instruction in developing and sustaining healthy relationships
  • Self-paced virtual learning and live training
  • Active forum community

Dating Mechanics Blog

Keep Dating Safe

  Dating should be fun but it is equally important to be safe. Dating safety is equally important whether you are meeting someone online or in person. When I talk to single women, they tell me that fear often stops them from dating altogether or makes them so cautious that they put up barriers. If they are new […]