What are the cost to create a course?

Creating a course on our site is completely free. There are no hidden cost, monthly fees or membership dues for any of our instructors.

What equipment will I need?

Making online or virtual courses is one of the simplest and inexpensive ways to expose potential clients to your material. Watch our tutorials in the How To Create A Course.

How long will students be able to access my course?

Once purchased, students will have access to all lessons and any materials associated with the course indefinitely.

Who sets the price for the course?

Instructors set the price of their courses and can change the price of their courses at any time. Instructors can also have free courses available for students.

How are courses designed?

Instructors may use the tools available to create an attractive course. Instructors can include some or all features such as video, audio, downloadable Word and PDF documents, certificates and badges of completion, forums within the course. Check the How To Create A Course.

What are the requirements for creating a course?

Each course must contain the minimum of:
1. A video introduction to include the name of the instructor and the course the student has signed up for.
2. Course description.
3. All course materials for the student to complete the course successfully.

What is the revenue for partnering with Dating Mechanics University?

You keep 40% of the revenue for each student that signs up to take your course. Dating Mechanics University handles all web hosting, customer service, marketing and payment processing.
For complete revenue for instructors read Instructors Term of Service page.

How will my courses be promoted?

Each instructor is given the tools to promote their course successfully. This includes but not limited to coupon codes, ad templates, ad or social media verbiage, links and university seals.

When you succeed we succeed! The staff at Dating Mechanics University uses analytic and statistics to market the best audience for your courses as well as groupon type marketing, affiliates and partners. 

I want to become an instructor, what do I do next?

Email the admin team at: admin@datingmechanicsuniversity.com

With the heading: I want to teach

to see if your course is right for our community.