Keep Dating Safe

  Dating should be fun but it is equally important to be safe. Dating safety is equally important whether you are meeting someone online or in person. When I talk to single women, they tell me that fear often stops them from dating altogether or makes them so cautious that they put up barriers. If they are new […]

Jealousy Causing Your Relationship To Fail?

  You jokingly talk about the possibility that the person you are dating may be suffering from a mental disorder regarding their jealousy. They function well in their lives for the most part, you just can’t seem to pinpoint that something that is off but you know it’s there. Truthfully we are all riding the […]

5 Things You Can Do When A Date Goes Wrong

  Picture being on a date. It’s going alright until your date has one too many and decides they want to get to know you past your comfort zone. Their hands are busy, words are slurring and not responding to your body language or expressed request to cease their actions. What do you do? As […]

Singles Stop Being Targets For Fraud

Online dating has become a common phenomenon and so have the scams associated with it. Surprisingly, according to recent surveys conducted, one out of every ten profiles on popular dating sites is a scam. As a single, if you have not been on your guard you must become more aware now.  Singles Stop Being Targets For […]