Jealousy Causing Your Relationship To Fail?

  You jokingly talk about the possibility that the person you are dating may be suffering from a mental disorder regarding their jealousy. They function well in their lives for the most part, you just can’t seem to pinpoint that something that is off but you know it’s there. Truthfully we are all riding the […]

10 Foods Singles Should Avoid on a First Date

  Many first dates will often involve two people sitting down for a meal and as a single, chances are high you want to make a good impression. How embarrassing it would be to have food particles in your teeth or a big noticeable stain on your new light colored shirt. You can avoid that kind […]

Singles Stop Being Targets For Fraud

Online dating has become a common phenomenon and so have the scams associated with it. Surprisingly, according to recent surveys conducted, one out of every ten profiles on popular dating sites is a scam. As a single, if you have not been on your guard you must become more aware now.  Singles Stop Being Targets For […]

Ghosting: The Dating Phenomenon That’s All Too Real

  Lisa, 27, started dating Ben. Things happened pretty quickly, but they appeared to be on the same page. They’d even met each other’s friends and planned a day trip out of the city together. On a recent visit to his apartment, Ben told her that he had to run an errand and asked if she could stay there […]

11 Things The Dating Single Parent Must Think About

  Dating in today’s world is quite a difficult task. Throw in being a single parent and you have turned a difficult task into a complex journey. There are many things to consider when you are a single parent and decide to date. Below you will find 11 things to ask yourself to lessen the stress and frustration […]