Keep Dating Safe

  Dating should be fun but it is equally important to be safe. Dating safety is equally important whether you are meeting someone online or in person. When I talk to single women, they tell me that fear often stops them from dating altogether or makes them so cautious that they put up barriers. If they are new […]

Taking Your Relationships Too Seriously?

  Relationships are in the top 3 challenges people face. When it comes to relationships, we experience many issues that keep us from working, such as: Communication Maturity (or lack thereof) Relationship Experience and Skill Set Temperament, Commitments, levels of Sexual Desire, etc One of the biggest blind spots to success in relationships is something most of us […]

What Traveling the World Teaches You About Love

  I have now been traveling for over 400 days and I can honestly tell you that those 400 days educated me more than my four years in college. I had the pleasure to get to know all kinds of cultures, to explore places that nearly no tourist has ever been to and to meet amazing, interesting […]

9 Signs It May Be Time To Move On

  We all have been there. Looking for signs, pondering our relationships, wondering if it’s right, or if this is what we really want. I think it’s natural to occasionally sit back and evaluate the current state of our partnerships. But, before you head for the hills, here are a few signs that might help you make […]

Dating is Like Grocery Shopping

  Dating is like grocery shopping? Sure it is. A grocery store is a tool used to satisfy your body’s appetite for a substance that will help it grow and give it life. Your body craves a relationship that will support it, be committed to it and faithful. In return it will give you energy, […]