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Offering courses to your group or organization

You may order online courses for your organization, group or club as well as in person training. For full details email us with the heading GROUP TRAINING.

Teaching a course on our site

Have a course you think our community would benefit from? Email us with the heading I WANT TO TEACH. You may look at the instructor terms & conditions and how to become an instructor.

Technical difficulties

Having trouble logging in or uploading a course email us with the heading TECH SUPPORT

Suggestions or Concerns

We always want to bring you the best courses to enhance your learning experience that’s why we love to hear from our students. Have a suggestion or concern email us with the appropriate headline SUGGESTION or CONCERN.

I have not received an email response

Check your spam folder. Make sure you white-list Dating Mechanics University so you receive all correspondence.

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Office Address: P.O. Box 6302, Portsmouth, VA 23703
Phone Number: (757) 563-3283

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