10 Foods Singles Should Avoid on a First Date


Many first dates will often involve two people sitting down for a meal and as a single, chances are high you want to make a good impression. How embarrassing it would be to have food particles in your teeth or a big noticeable stain on your new light colored shirt. You can avoid that kind of embarrassment or at least leave it for a later date by avoiding these 10 foods on a first date:

sushi1. Sushi

Sharing sushi is often a common choice for people going on a first date. Not that it isn’t a proper and healthy meal to share. Just that it tends to be a bit complex. Eating sushi means cramming a slightly big portion of raw fish down into your small mouth and doing this with not so common utensils. Who wants to be asked about their favorite moves of all time when they have just shoved a tuna roll in their mouths and have to properly chew it for 20 or 30 seconds before answering your date’s question? Awkward silences make first dates unbearable.  Having sushi on a first date does not help this case in any way.


2. Fast foods

Eating at a fast food place often means that you will have to eat something that is prepared in a hurry and on the go. Ideally, first dates should be about spending considerable amounts of time together so as to get to know each other. There is  a slim window of opportunity to get to know your date if you choose to eat foods prepared at a fast food restaurant.


beans3. Beans

Unless you want to totally embarrass yourself, you need to steer clear of this healthy but detrimental legume. Beans often cause bloating and can cause one to pass gas. Yes, beans are healthy but they should be options for later dates. Mexican is certainly out! Even if you are sure that your body can handle beans, you don’t want your date to be thinking “what if I have to pass gas?”.


4. Oysters

You may be pretty surprised that oysters make it on this list seeing they are often associated with a heightened sexual libido. That said, they don’t score you any points on a first date. Remember, you want to make a lasting first impression. You don’t want your date to think you are just after getting them to bed. Try another meal choice that will score you more points than oysters would.


5. Buffet meals

As mentioned before, first dates are all about getting to know each other. Buffet meals don’t offer much of that. Here’s why. While you are sitting pretty ready to dig into your meal of choice, he/she will be up and about going to get a second and third serving of meats. Moreover, all you can eat buffets tend to bring out the crazy in everyone and it’s best that your date does not know about this just yet.


american barbecue pulled pork sandwich6. Messy meals

Sloppy sandwiches filled with loads of meat and dripping sauces may sound like a great time. However, you won’t be doing too much talking with chipmunk cheeks not to mention having to wipe your mouth with at least 10,000 napkins. Leave those fun times for a night out with good friends, you know the ones who will actually dare you to stuff it all in at once.



7. Any meal that has to be eaten using chopsticks

Not that such meals should be avoided completely. Only settle for such meals if you’re confident that you and your
date can confidently use them without making a mess.


8. Asparagus

Asparagus contains high concentrations of a compound known as mercaptan that is of a sulphurous nature. That’s a whole lot of science talk for it will make all your bodily fluids smell funny – and not in a good way. This is the same compound found in garlic, onions and rotten eggs so you be the judge.


9. Corn on the cob

Trust me, as sexy as it sounds nobody looks hot covered in melted butter.



fondue10. Fondue

It may start off as a romantic session of sharing pieces of food dipped in cheese but it can quickly turn ugly when the cheese strings start scalding the skin of your chin. And not to mention issues with dairy digestion.



Aside from choosing the right meal for a first date, you also have to have impeccable table manners.
Common knowledge dictates that you should never talk with food in your mouth or be loud and aggressive to waiters and waitresses. Be sure to tip well your date is probably watching to see your generosity. Under no circumstance should you pick food from your mouth with your mouth wide open. If you really have to do this, cover your mouth with a napkin.

What are some foods you’ve opted out of on first dates?


Alasha Bennett is a Relationship and Dating Coach and Founder of Dating Mechanics University.