11 Things The Dating Single Parent Must Think About



Dating in today’s world is quite a difficult task. Throw in being a single parent and you have turned a difficult task into a complex journey. There are many things to consider when you are a single parent and decide to date. Below you will find 11 things to ask yourself to lessen the stress and frustration of dating.

1. Consider merging your date with a play-date if it is serious. Dating another single parent can be much easier when everyone is able to be around each other and get a feel for one another.

2. You are worth it. Don’t be insecure about people wanting to date you because your previous relationship did not work out. You were loved once and you can be loved again.

3. When seeking date prospects, visit kid-friendly places not just kid-centered ones. Kid-centered places will have people in attendance that potentially more willing to date someone with a child.

4. You will feel nervous and be very apprehensive about dating at first. Much like going back to school or starting a business, you will have knots in your stomach and doubt your ability to juggle everything as a single parent. You deserve to be happy.

5. Being a mother or a father is one of the most important jobs you will ever have. However, you are more than just a parent. You are person too. You desire more than just changing diapers, helping with homework and attending kiddie birthday parties. And that is okay.

6. Be truthful to your kid about your dating. However, when talking to your child about dating, keep it simple. The complicated stuff is for you and the person you are dating.

7. Yes, it’s okay to have…sex. Let’s just leave it at that.

8. Don’t feel like you have to quickly introduce your child to the person you are dating. It’s okay to date and fun while keeping it separate from your home life. You don’t wait to introduce your child to someone your not serious with because children tend to get attached so easily.

9.Don’t use the fact you have a child as an excuse for not dating. Just like you are able to go to work or grocery shopping or make it to your doctor’s appointment, you are able to make time for dating.

10. Don’t be ashamed or hesitant to note that you have a kid on online dating sites. The truth will obviously com and starting a relationship based on a lie is not the way to begin a relationship.

11. If the dating escalates to girlfriend/boyfriend status, it is time to bring the old and new together. Be prepared for this awkward, yet necessary experience. Out of respect, parents need to know and meet with people who will be spending time around their child. The Goal is to establish a cordial relationship between your ex and your new relationship. If your ex and new love become friends, cool, but not necessary.

Guest Blog by Delonso Barnes, Author of Daddy Everyday and Mommy Everyday