3 Steps to Reclaiming Your Life After a Setback in Love or Career


What do you do after you take an honest look at your life and realize you can’t stay stuck anymore?  The time came for me to wake up and face my life.  I was 35 feeling 85.  I was emotionally drained from the worry, hurt and pain. I felt the physical exhaustion from working, cooking, cleaning, caring for the children and taking care of myself.  I was about to take a $30,000 pay-cut and my marriage was ending.

My relationship and career were on the path of destruction and I didn’t know what to do.  I had to make some choices.  Either drop out of the race or press on. I chose to press on and reclaim my life.  After the pay-cut and divorce, there was a spirit in me that was ignited. A spirit that served to be an unstoppable force.

3 Lessons from the Ignited Spirit:


1. Take responsibility for where you are so you can own where you’re going:  When you blame others, hold them responsible and accountable for what is going on in your life, you lose your power. You have no power or clarity to move forward. Remember that whether it’s career or relationship, next to God, you are at the helm.  Once you forgive, take responsibility for your part in the situation, helplessness melts away.  The power that is innately yours will rise up and the confidence you need to take your next step will appear.

2. Get Centered in Your Worth:  Nothing hits us harder than the loss of a relationship or a jab in our career or business. Our worth is usually linked to one or the other—if not both.  Confusion sets in because everything we worked for is now gone.  Get clear about who you are and your innate worth.  The fact that you are alive certifies that you deserve, are worth and can have the best.

3. Be willing to trust God and yourself on a deeper level:  We sabotage ourselves because we flee from what we don’t trust. Once the answers and opportunities begin to appear, your confidence has grown and you are ready to step back into a new relationship or a new career opportunity—keep your heart open and press into God with each step you take.  Now is the time to put your faith where your forward movement is and be open to the greatest lesson of all.

Guest Blog by LaTalya Palmer, contributing author to The Art of Activation.