Dating is Like Grocery Shopping


Dating is like grocery shopping? Sure it is. A grocery store is a tool used to satisfy your body’s appetite for a substance that will help it grow and give it life. Your body craves a relationship that will support it, be committed to it and faithful. In return it will give you energy, build you up and strengthen you.

Mate shopping, the same as grocery shopping is all about a system. When you have a system that works and keeps you on track you get everything you came for and you’re content.   


Here are some tips for good mate shopping.

  1. Make a list– Successful shoppers have grasped the idea of making a physical list and they check it often while shopping. This keeps them from adding items to their cart they don’t need and reminds them of items they want to remember to get. It keeps them focused. For singles, this is your list of deal breakers as well as the characteristics in a mate you are looking for. Check the list often to see if potential mates fit your list. Acknowledge those that do not fit and let them go.
  1. Decide where to shop– The neighborhood mini mart, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods are not created equal. They all have groceries but the quality is not the same. What environment is your ideal mate in? In order to know that you first have to know what ingredients or qualities you are looking for. Take the time to know what you need to add to your list so you know where your list items will be. Going from store to store is a waste of time and energy that will leave you tired and frustrated.
  1. Make a promise– Agree with yourself that you will stick to your list! Substitution is a gamble. If the recipe calls for vanilla and you buy cinnamon your dish will smell and taste totally different then what you expected. Settling may turn out ok, then again it can be a complete disaster.
  1. Get a basket instead of a cart– Be selective of what you allow in your basket and don’t taking on more than you can handle. If you have a sports car, trying to fit that club size 50 boxes of crackers will leave you less room for the other essentials. Too much of one thing you like, for instance, sex, can have you walk away from some things that are much more or just as important such as loyalty.
  1. Stay on the outside All the natural and healthy foods are on the perimeter of the store while all the processed foods are down the aisles. Gravitate towards those who are being authentic, meaning they are comfortable with and proud of who they are. They are more than happy to pull back the curtain of their life and show you what they are made of. Those who purposefully hide their intentions for dating or who they really are, are more often than not filled with drama and are not ready to be in a committed union.
  1. Be mindful of sales– Are they too good to be true? Are they worth giving up on your original plan? Will you be happy when you get home to make apple pie but have no apples because oranges were on sale? What happens when your main ingredient has been left behind? Can you live with the choice you are making? For instance If you know you want someone who is of a certain faith and you decide to choose someone who Is not can you live with that?
  1. Don’t go hungry– You pick up anything when you are hungry because everything looks so good. You’ve been starving yourself, waiting for a good meal. Now that you are surrounded by what looks pleasing to the eye you can’t wait to try it all. It’s harder to make choices when you are starving. Your focus is off and is being led by the desire and not by what you know will serve you best. Get you a power bar before you go shopping. C’mon you know how you get when you get hungry, an ostrich burger sounds good when you’re hungry so does sex on a first date! Create a social network that buffers and fills those desperate feelings for companionship.