How Sleeping Patterns Reveal Successful Relationships


Do you know the position your partner sleeps in can affirm their true feelings? Where in waking hours one can hide their true feeling through speech and body language how they really feel cannot be faked or suppressed during sleep. Below are couple sleeping positions and their meanings. Read up on them and how they can inform you of the powerful connection with your partner.  Loving couple lying in bed

Back to Back Without Touching
27% of couples sleep in this position leaving plenty of space in between them. This may be shocking but couples who sleep in this position are connected, secure and trust each other. This position reveals closeness and independence in the relationship.

Back to Back and Touching
23% of couples like sleeping in this position.  Couples who sleep facing different directions touching back to back reveals that both partners are comfortable, relaxed and confident with one another and is very common in new relationships.

Spooning: Front to Back Touching
The classic loving sleep position for the romantic, this position is embraced by 18% of couples. It is a powerful position in which the wife finds safety in the loving embrace of her husband.

Lovers Knot: Face to Face
A sure sign of a strong relationship between a couple, this is one of the most complex sleeping positions. Only 8% of couples use this sleeping position where they lay face to face with their arms and legs intertwined for about ten minutes before separating.

The Romantic: One Head Over the Partner’s Chest
Intimacy shows in this position where the wife rests her head on her husband’s chest while their legs intertwine. 4% of couples hold this sleeping position and it represents passionate, vibrant or rekindled love.

Pillow Talk: Face to Face
With a need for close communication and intimacy, this sleeping position is where couples sleep facing each other with space in between them. About 3% of couples adopt this position.

The Lovers: Face to Face
Couples sleeping lying closely intertwined all through the night is preferred by 2% of couples and it reveals the romance and deep intimacy that exist between the couple.


Watch out for these sleeping positions

Superhero: Starfish Position
3% or couples take this position where the dominant partner sleeps with their legs and arms spread wide apart like the shape of a starfish. This position causes the other partner to be pushed to the edge of the bed. This position reveals strain which may be caused by selfishness on the part of the dominant partner.

The Bridge: This position places one leg over the body of the sleeping partner screaming dominance over that partner.

The Freeze: Where each partner has their back to each other with the covers pulled over to separate sides of the bed. Anger or discord is prevalent with this position. 

Psychologists debate if sleeping habits can truly reveal stress in the relationship. Just remember not to read too much into the sleeping position of your partner and always have open talks about issues before you sleep for a restful night.

Alasha Bennett is a Relationship and Dating Coach and Founder of Dating Mechanics University.