Invest in Your Love Life – Hire a Professional Matchmaker


In life there will always be risks, and love is no exception. To reap great rewards in dating and in your relationships you must be willing to put yourself out there. The process can be unpredictable, which is why it’s in your best interest to have the support of a relationship expert. We use professionals in every area of our life. Why not use them in the most important area of our life – love?

Additionally, to achieve success in love or with anything you need to commit and invest in the life you want to live. I have seen it all as an international matchmaker and have found that the most fulfilling investment you can make is in your love life. Most importantly, I have seen firsthand how the return on investing into your love life ends up rewarding every area of your life. The bottom line is investing in a professional matchmaker changes your life for the better.

As a relationship expert and international matchmaker, I have helped facilitate amazing and happy romantic partnerships for years. If you’ve never considered working with a matchmaker before, here are five huge benefits a matchmaker can provide:


 1. Matchmakers Save You Time

Doesn’t dating sometimes feel like a part-time job? After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is go hang out at an event or bar and try to figure out if any cute singles are worth pursuing. Even if you head home, you may end up spending the entire night making the rounds on a few online dating websites, looking at profiles and crafting messages, only to hear crickets in return. Finding a date takes a significant investment of time and effort and usually includes regular disappointments. If you are a busy professional, you probably find it hard to juggle work and normal social obligations with trying to date at the same time.

A matchmaker takes this long and arduous process off of your plate.  They search through their database and choose the singles that are most compatible with you. They also hit the town and recruit singles. They meet, vet, and filter through all of these singles and choose the most compatible for you. These are singles who match what you are looking for in a romantic partner and are interested in meeting you. Now the fun part- you get to decide which of these personally chosen singles you want to meet.


2. Matchmakers Coach and Guide You

If you are taking courses through Dating Mechanics University, then good for you! You’ve recognized that educating yourself on one of the most meaningful experience in life is priceless and important. To get better at dating, you need practice, guidance, feedback, and support. Matchmakers get into the matchmaking profession, because they are extremely caring, empathetic, and insightful people. Often, our job is just as much about helping our clients to develop and grow as it is making great matches for them.

In other words, your matchmaker doesn’t just set you up for a date and tell you to, “Have fun.” Rather, he or she will try to help you become a better dater. This means confronting any past baggage, addressing any current fears or challenges, and working on any relationship skills that need more development. Before each date, your matchmaker will give you advice about conversation starters that have to do with your mutual interests, which can help create more of a positive experience and lead to date number two. With a matchmaker in your corner, you may find that dating is actually fun and exciting! 


 3. Matchmakers Pair You with Quality Dates

Matchmakers spend a great deal of time building up their personal database of high quality singles so that they can offer their clients highly compatible matches. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of the data process and drastically lowers the potential for nightmare and/or disappointing dates. Just take a moment to consider how nice it would be to have someone who knows and understands you searching your city for the perfect date just for you! That’s exactly what a professional matchmaker would do.

Matchmakers get to know their clients and members very well, which helps them determine romantic compatibility. Before you agree to any introduction, your matchmaker will make sure both parties are well informed and have an accurate understanding about the other person. This helps to create a successful date and experience. You get to focus on having fun and getting to know each other instead of focusing on all the ways your date doesn’t match their online dating profile. Your matchmaker can also provide you with guidance and support if you choose to date someone outside of their introductions.


 4. Matchmakers Give You Dating Feedback

No matter who you are, everyone is curious about what the other person felt after their date. With a professional matchmaker, you will always receive feedback after your dates. Feedback is how we learn, grow, and improve, but we almost never get feedback in the place we need it most – dating!

When you hire a professional matchmaker, he or she will always contact your date after an outing to get feedback. If the date didn’t work out, your matchmaker will be able to tell you why and help you address any areas that could use some improvement. You may even learn that the reason a date didn’t go well had absolutely nothing to do with you, so you don’t get caught up in self-doubt. Receiving feedback from your matchmaker after every date and professional guidance can also help you strengthen your relationship with the person you are dating. 


 5. Matchmakers Make the Dating Experience Fun

Dating and fun are not two words that always go together. The entire process of dating can feel tedious, frustrating, nerve-wracking, and even downright depressing when you go it alone. A matchmaker’s job is to bring back the magic and hope in this process by taking away the tedious parts (finding a date), coaching you to bring your best self forward, matching you with great singles, and giving you feedback after every date to help create a positive and successful dating-to-relationship experience. I’ve seen the transformation in many of my clients from about to give up on love altogether to looking forward to each new date with excitement and optimism. It is always a rewarding process to help a client find a fulfilling relationship. That can be you too!

By investing in a professional matchmaker you are investing in yourself. Life is meant to be full of happiness and love, so make sure you invest the time and energy to prioritize inviting these things into your life.


Kate Dreyfus, Relationship Expert & Thought Leader in International Matchmaking


  • Henry J.

    I’m pretty early in my dating life but can see how having a coach and someone who gives you feedback can be useful. Good article.