Jealousy Causing Your Relationship To Fail?


You jokingly talk about the possibility that the person you are dating may be suffering from a mental disorder regarding their jealousy. They function well in their lives for the most part, you just can’t seem to pinpoint that something that is off but you know it’s there.

Truthfully we are all riding the crazy train we just get off on different stops. If you visit my facebook page you will see I joke with singles all the time about finding their kind of crazy. What I mean by finding your crazy, is to be with someone who accepts the things about you that are unique and makes you, you.

Sometimes we meet or are in long term relationships with people who truly are struggling with a mental illness and it interferes with the health of their romantic relationships. They can go from person to person blaming the other half for the relationship failing and they are unaware that their behavior is causing destruction.

Does your partner exaggerate a situation where they believe without a doubt you are cheating on them although there is no real evidence of any deception? Do they misread exchanges between you and co-workers, friends or family members as infidelity? Then that person may be suffering from jealous delusional disorder.

If you are saying, “Whoa, I knew it”. Hold on a second there. Don’t confuse this psychotic disorder with a real suspicion and confirmation of deceit from a partner. If you have already acted on or admitted to cheating do not direct your partner to read this and “act right”. Trust has been broken in the relationship and will take time to rebuild. That’s a different blog post.

Someone who is suffering with this disorder may become consumed with elaborate plans to catch their mate in the act however, accusation after accusation will never reveal foul play.

This can frustrate the person and very well end in a violent situation. When suspicions of a romantic nature start to rule life decisions, causing disrupt and pain it’s time to seek outside help. If you or your partner are experiencing this situation contact a mental health care facility or a licensed professionals who can assist in sifting through possible ways to manage these thoughts and behaviors.