Singles Stop Being Targets For Fraud

Online dating has become a common phenomenon and so have the scams associated with it.

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Surprisingly, according to recent surveys conducted, one out of every ten profiles on popular dating sites is a scam. As a single, if you have not been on your guard you must become more aware now. 

Singles Stop Being Targets For Fraud!

In the technology savvy world of today, it is actually quite easy for criminal minds to target susceptible singles looking for companionship and love online. There are con artists waiting to throw their net anywhere, anytime with fancy looking profiles and pictures. 

However, you can stop scammers with these 3 tips.

1. Beware of the Casanova and Seductress who claim to love you after having a few online chats. They are really good about playing on ones emotions. These scammers go so far as to plan weddings, vacations, and integrate your friends list.

2. Watch for the deceiver trying to get you away from the dating site and onto your personal social media accounts where they have  more intimate conversations with you and then threaten to post the conversations when you do not comply with their demands.

3. Look out for the person claiming to have come on hard times, has a sick child or relative, had a loved one pass away, needs to get home in a hurry or wants to come visit you and needs funds to do so. As a general rule, never send money online to someone you don’t already have a personal relationship with.

Online scamming is not isolated to woman looking for that special someone, men are also being manipulated by cupids evil cousin. Try getting away from the computer for awhile and meeting potential mates in person.

Alasha Bennett is a Relationship and Dating Coach and Founder of Dating Mechanics University